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Chef Charith Heman was born and raised in a little town Sri Lanka and his passion of cooking starting by watching how his mom cooked amazing and delicious traditional Sri Lankan food by using homemade spices and flavors.


After his studies, he attended culinary school and got an opportunity in the fine-dining kitchen at Ritz Carlton, Doha Qatar as a trainee cook. Building his career from there mastering traditional French, Mediterranean, as well as Arabic cuisine. Cooking with an Asian touch nevertheless, showing a contemporary, light feeling focusing on superior traditional dishes with a modern twist that excites the senses and appeals to all.


Next moving to Shangri-La hotel in the Maldives to upgrade his career and finally moving to Grand Cayman in 2012 working in a few restaurants before becoming the executive chef at Abacus Restaurant. Charith takes particular pride in the superb quality of the ingredients that he uses with a preference for local products.

 "Great importance is also placed on beautiful, creative presentation employing various food textures and colours"

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