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Chef Angie Mar is renowned for her vision and unequivocally downtown interpretation of fine dining. Her commitment to quality, ingenuity and pursuit of perfection in food and hospitality have earned her countless accolades. While her name became synonymous with the love of meat and game from her time as Executive Chef & Proprietor of The Beatrice Inn, she has spent the majority of her life finding new ways to fall in love with food. Early on in her childhood, she became enamored with French cuisine and tradition, and has spent the bulk of her career exploring the nuances of its cooking techniques, while integrating it with her deep rooted heritage and extensive travels. 

Chef Mar’s highly anticipated second restaurant, Les Trois Chevaux, opened in July 2021 in New York’s Greenwich Village, to wide acclaim. Named for her family and two younger brothers, this is her first restaurant which she has designed from a truly blank canvas. Les Trois Chevaux pays homage to the great French restaurants and brasseries of eras past, while also looking to the future of fine dining in New York City. Les Trois Chevaux has been named one of Esquire Magazine’s Best New Restaurants in America 2021, The Robb Report has also named it number four on it’s Best New Restaurant in America list 2022, Conde Nast Traveller named it to their  Best New Restaurant List In 2022, and the illustrious Michelin Guide has announced Mar’s restaurant will be added to the 2022 guide book.

In 2013, she took over the helm of New York City’s iconic The Beatrice Inn, later purchasing it from then owner Graydon Carter in 2016. Under her stewardship, the nearly century-old restaurant went on to become one of the most coveted reservations in the city, immediately earning a glowing two-star review from Pete Wells in The New York Times that year. She was named Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chef in 2017, and is a James Beard Foundation Nominee. Her innovative whiskey dry aging technique that she has developed and championed is Michelin recognized, and renowned the world over, earning her first restaurant, The Beatrice Inn, the reputation of being the standard for dry aged beef. 

Chef Mar’s love of French cuisine, and her exploration of meat and game has led her to travel the world over, spending time with some of the best butchers, farmers and purveyors in Europe, Asia and America. After honing her craft in some of New York’s most celebrated restaurants, she  assumed the role of Executive Chef, and later Proprietor, at the Beatrice Inn in downtown New York. 

Chef Mar’s first book, Butcher & Beast: Mastering the Art of Meat, was released in October 2019 to wide acclaim and was nominated for a coveted IACP Award. The book, shot by award winning photographer Johnny Miller, offers a window into the nocturnal world of New York City restaurants, Mar’s undying love of fashion, and essays on her deeply rooted family and sheer addiction for New York hospitality, done her way.

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