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Monica Dubar is a transfer from Denver, Colorado where she began her career with The Ritz-Carlton in 2017, as Head Sommelier for ELWAY’S steakhouse. During her time there the hotel and restaurant were both recognized as a top leader of innovation and revenue. With over 25 years of hotel background, Monica considers herself an hotelier Sommelier with a focus on service, connection and experience.


In 2018, The SOMM Journal invited over 75 local in state Sommeliers to participate in a blind tasting at Denver University, Monica won first place and then was featured in Forbes magazine and several other publications that made her a top recognized name in the state. A native of SW Michigan, her passion for organic farming and diversity began at an early age growing up in the fruit belt of Michigan.


Community outreach is very important to Monica as she partnered with Urban Peak in Denver which ignites the potential in youth to exit homelessness and create self-determined, fulfilled lives. In her free time, she describes herself as an adventurous traveler, avid trekker and beginner diver, all alongside her wife Amanda. Her new favorite pastime in Cayman is pickleball which helps her maintain the healthy and happy lifestyle you know of her.

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