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Growing up on a farm in South India, Chef Muthu has been immersed in the culinary scene from a young age. Selling his Families produce in local markets, there’s no surprise Chef Muthu’s passion for food developed from an early age.


At the age of 17, Chef Muthu attended culinary school in Trichy, South India and soon after moved to France where he continued to expand on his culinary knowledge. After his time in France, Chef Muthu moved on to work for Carnival Cruise lines, fine dining restaurants, and as a private Chef.


In 2009, he moved to Grand Cayman and joined the Team at the Cracked Conch Restaurant where he took over the role as Sous Chef and in 2012, opened the Cracked Conch’s sister restaurant, The George Town Yacht Club as Executive Chef. Today, as Executive Chef of the Cracked Conch Restaurant, Macabuca Tiki Bar and the Georgetown Yacht Club he continues to raise the bar for all that join us to experience his passion for the culinary arts.

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