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Niccola Picco


Nicola grew up in Brusaporto, a small village in Bergamo, close to the Franciacorta wine Region.

Nicola studied as an accountant but realized this wasn’t for him so he left Italy to make an experience outside of his country.

In 2018 he came to Grand Cayman and entered the hospitality industry with Agua restaurant. Nicola was introduced into wine from his father, but he increased his passion in wines here in Cayman while working in the restaurant, helping the sommeliers. With this great opportunity he was able to meet different winemakers and taste wines from all over the world.

During those years he successfully completed Level 2 and 3 Wset in Wines and he travelled through several wine regions in Europe to learn more about the winemaking process.

In 2023 he decided to join the opening of Aria Restaurant as a Head Sommelier to develop their wine program focusing on wines from the Mediterranean. As a new entry in this sector, his personal goal is to expand his knowledge by travelling through different wine Regions around the world, hoping to make new connections and beautiful memories.

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