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TJ Vong is the Colorado Brand Ambassador for Patrón Tequila, a bartender with a creative mind well versed in cocktail and brand development. As the Patrón Ambassador he focuses on marketing, education, events, and brand content. Leading into this role TJ worked for three smaller brands as a part-time employee, the most prominent of the three would be Santa Teresa 1796, another Bacardi brand in the portfolio. Much like Patrón he ws one the starting ambassador team in Colorado. 

He has been active in the Denver restaurant industry for the last eight years. During this time he has managed various programs throughout the Denver area and he is most prominently recognized for Mizu Izakaya. A program dedicated to having the largest Japanese Whisky and Sake selection in Denver. Through his employment as a parti-time ambassador he was also an Assistant General Manager & Bar Manager at Mizu Izakaya where he maintained a dedication to Japanese craftsmanship, through their bar program; Bar Ginza which focused on traditional Japanese techniques and culture. This unique concept landed Mizu Izakaya the number one spot from’s most unique bars in Denver. The highly competitive team has won various accolades through cocktail competitions internationally.

Most notably, TJ was classified as top 20 in the world by the Patrón Perfectionists Global Competition in 2019. He has also successfully competed in Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender, Herradura Legends, Diageo Garnish Games, Nikka Perfect Serve, and more with his unique style and creative presentation.

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