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Yuleidy Sanchez, affectionately known as Yuli, hails from Cuba but found her home in the Cayman Islands Seven years ago. A former English teacher, her journey took a delightful turn when her passion for mixology ignited.

Immersing herself in the world of bartending at The Backroom, Yuli honed her craft alongside legends like Stewart Hall and Federico Gisbert Johnson. Her passion for bartending and crafting innovative cocktails has garnered recognition, including triumphs at the Beefeater competition in Cuba (2014), earning a global spot in London. In 2021, Yuli proudly represented the Cayman Islands at the Global World Class, marking a historic moment as the first-ever virtual competition of its kind and was honoured as the Flor de Caña Most Sustainable Bartender in 2023. Notable victories include Speed Rack (2021) and the Stoli Competition (2022).

Yuli's insatiable thirst for knowledge led her to explore various fields, culminating in notable achievements like completing WSET Level 2 Award in wine and conquering the challenging WSET Level 3 Award in spirits—an accomplishment she cherishes.

Beyond mixology, Yuli finds solace in the depths of the ocean, spending ample time diving. Her zest for life extends to the dance floor, where she expresses her joy through the art of movement. Yuli's story is one of continuous learning, growth, and a celebration of the vibrant experiences life has to offer.

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