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Executive Chef Vidyadhara Shetty with 28 years of experience orchestrates culinary feats, including superb banquets served in luxurious surroundings and with undeniable panache. Born in Mumbai, India his passion for cooking began as a child and he was always inspired by the way his father used to work in his restaurant in India.


He is president of the Cayman Culinary Society and he and his team have won numerous awards at various national and international venues each year including the “Best Main Course” in the Caribbean Culinary Competitions in Miami. His goal as President of The Culinary Society is to offer the top chefs in the Cayman Islands the opportunity to shine in their art and excite the world by creating “authentic contemporary Caribbean” dishes.


Chef Shetty firmly believes ‘quality begets quality,’ using only the best cuts of meat and fish, and freshest and most fragrant vegetables, herbs and spices to prepare his beloved delicacies, turning out succulent food bursting with flavour. Chef Shetty says, His secret ingredient remains his reliance on the usage of seasonal produce, which he claims inspires his style of cooking. Chef Shetty looks forward to taking many more guests on an exciting and exotic culinary journey at Blue Cilantro.

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