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Meet Lisa, a seasoned hospitality professional whose journey began in Germany studying hospitality in a 4-Star family-run hotel. She honed her skills at the acclaimed 5* LHW Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa in Interlaken, Switzerland, then ventured to Austria's 5-Star Hotel “Salzburger Hof” and Germany's “Restaurant Am Rindermarkt”. Always been working in fine-dining restaurants awakened her interest in wine. She participated in wine courses in Germany and Austria. 

In 2018, drawn by Grand Cayman's allure, Lisa found her niche at the esteemed Grand Old House. Over three transformative years, her passion for wines flourished, culminating in her leadership of the Wine Program. With meticulous care, Lisa curates an exquisite selection that elevates the dining experience, showcasing her deep understanding and appreciation for enology. Lisa's international journey, marked by diverse experiences and a commitment to excellence, stands as a testament to her dedication to the art of hospitality and the world of fine wines.

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