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Cooking started at an early age where Thomas had tested recipes from his family's library. Ultimately his pursuit to bring satisfaction and joy to people was through his food has allowed him to be passionate about cooking. It was when he worked for James Beard Award winning Chef Michael Schwartz at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami in 2007 at which point Thomas was taught the utilization of local ingredients in an approachable manner. Bringing this ideology to Cayman, Thomas was able to translate this to the cuisines he enjoys. With his Argentinian heritage and his love for Caribbean cuisine, he combines global techniques with localized ingredients. During his time in Cayman, he learned about Lionfish and its negative impact to the marine biodiversity and set out to do his part as a chef to make a change.


He used this experience to bring his ideology to Michael’s Genuine in Grand Cayman and to the Brasserie where he was the Head Chef. During his time in Cayman he coached Cayman’s youth in culinary competitions. Thomas now heads the kitchen at Michael Schwartz’s Fi’lia in the SLS Baha Mar, in Nassau, Bahamas, where he brings the knowledge and experience of Michael, Cayman, and lionfish. Upon returning to Cayman, Thomas has launched his own company, Tomfoodery Kitchen.

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